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Don't Start a Side Hustle!: Work Less, Earn More, and Live Free Audible Logo Audible Audiobook – Unabridged Brian Page (Author, Narrator), HarperCollins Leadership (Publisher)
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Don’t trade your 40-hour workweek for an 80-hour-a-week side hustle.

The promise of entrepreneurship is to create a lifestyle of freedom—but the pursuit often leads to a time-bankrupt life.

If you’re an overworked employee who’s done with the 9-to-5, a serial entrepreneur who has yet to realize the American dream, or a burned-out side hustle owner who’s tired of the grind, this book was written for you.

Passive income expert Brian Page will guide you step-by-step through 38 bite-size chapters that will teach you how to ditch the rat race and enjoy the “passivepreneur” lifestyle.

In Don’t Start a Side Hustle, you will learn how to:

  • Trade working your ass off in exchange for hard-working assets.
  • Create cash flow from products, services, and properties you don’t own.
  • Become an “income producer” instead of an “income earner.”
  • Live a lifestyle of freedom by building a passive income empire.
  • Follow in Brian’s footsteps as he quit his job and earned a seven-figure automated income—in just 47 days.

This book is filled with true stories that will inspire you to live a life you never knew was possible. If your dream is to live more, work less, and earn an automatic income for you and your family, Don’t Start a Side Hustle is your roadmap.

The appendix is available in the audiobook companion PDF download.

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  • ISBN : 9781400243983